Butler Express Mezz™ Options

Size Options
  • Underside of perimeter beam height clearances from 8' to 12'
  • Mezzanine dimensions start at 8'x8' and increase in 4' intervals
  • Load ratings from 50psf for office use, up to 250psf for heavy storage
  • Support post distance of up to 28' (depending on load ratings)

Mezzanine flooring options for Butler Mezzanines
Flooring Options
  • ResinDek LD
  • ResinDek SD
  • ResinDek MD
  • ResinDek HD
  • Pallet jack ratings up to 2800 pounds
  • Concrete option
  • 3/4" board option
  • All Express Mezz orders come standard with MOD-36 liner

Railing and stair systems are bolt-on accessories.
Railings and Stairs
  • Integrated railings and stairs are instantly priced saving you hours of work.
  • Swing gates and removable sections for easy access.
  • Tread & Landing Options:
    • Open bar grating
    • Diamond plate / checker plate
    • Pans for cast-in-place concrete
  • The beams are pre-punched to accept 4-foot sections of rail or stairs.
  • Stair attachment is modular.

Butler Express Mezz™ System Attributes

  • No welding is required for all Express Mezz parts, reducing install time.
  • Because it’s freestanding, order an Express Mezz for an existing structure or with a new building.
  • Standard clearance: 8' to 12' from underside of perimeter beams.
  • Standard module sizes: 8’ x 8’ up to 28’ x 28’ in 4-foot increments.
  • Six economical floor surface options, including ResinDek options, which include pallet jack ratings up to 2800 pounds, one 4” cast-in-place concrete flooring option and a 3/4" board option.

*Please note –The Butler Express Mezz System supports seismic design requirements for Seismic Design Categories A, B & C. Seismic design Categories D, E & F are not supported at this time.